Tuesday, January 15, 2013

hairhound is back

This past weekend i was at MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather weekend) in Washington DC. i was able to harvest a boys hair for my Sir... took his chest, belly, pits, pubes and ass... he had hoped that I would let him keep his chest hair... but agreed to give it up to please me.

He thought that it was Hot that I would present it to a Sir

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jan 3

I am now on my second day of freedom... and i still have not shot a load.  The edema is shrinking, but it is a bit tender so i have not had fun jerking... i hope that it gets better soon..

the last couple of days have been interesting... it is interesting how quickly i was adjusting to being locked... example, i found myself heading to a stall when i needed to piss, and start to drop my pants and get ready to sit at home.  Pissing was the biggest issue i had while locked.  i hate to sit in public, so that was an issue. i did use the external cath when traveling and a few other times... otherwise i sat... did not use a Man's urinal the entire month.

i hope that my KH is pleased with my results as well as the blog... perhaps i should try and be the HairHound again for him

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


i made it... unlocked today at 6:55 am... 1 month in chastity... 31 days total... i hope that my KH is pleased.

New Years Eve was a bit humiliating for me... some of the guests from the pool party that i was at a couple days ago gave me a new name... "Daddy chastity boy"... they as well as some others got a kick out of that name... i did not see it as so funny. Perhaps today that name will be gone.
We were back at the home of the guys who hosted the pool party, which meant that once again we were naked in the pool... this time there were some cute younger guys there in their early 20's... a couple of them had many questions as to why i was locked (i explained that it was to Please my KH) i gave them my Key Holder's recon name... so they may check him out about chastity.

As you can see in pics after being unlocked, i have a bit of an edema on/in my foreskin (The Doc who cut me was kind and left some) I noticed it a couple of days ago in the semi-opened end of my device. my friend that i am staying with, is a MD, he  said that it was good that i was coming out... it will take a few days to clear, then i should be OK.  That area is a bit sensitive, and not in a good way.  Looks like it will be a few more days before i get to cum.

As i was leaving the party, one of the hosts asked me "when are we locking you up again"..i smiled and said Thank You for inviting me to the New Years eve party.

 The unlocking begins
 Key Holder sent the number 9057

 Good things come in small packages
 Still locked @ 6:54am

 The key Fit
 It worked!
 Still had to get the ring off
You can see the edema...  i received no sympathy from the Doc... he just said. "you'll live... just deal with it"

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve...

I have just about made it to the end...  We were out yesterday with some of the guys from the pool party... I have become the main target for teasing for wearing the device the device.  I get to see them all again tonight for one last round of humiliation from them.

Outside by the pool this morning for the pics... 68 degrees at 7am... nice day a coming

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dec 30... 2 days to go

The last days are here... i hope that i have pleased my KH... i am sorry for the issue that i caused the other day.

The Pool Party

As requested by my KH... i went to the pool party and was humiliated that the Hosts required all to "skinny Dip.  The yard was very private, they had plenty of tall trees and hedges to protect the pool from the neighbors.
Including me, there were a total of 7 guys there... i was the second oldest, the other 5 being in age from 47 down to 34.  i was also the heaviest... it was humiliating to have to strip for especially while locked.

A few of the guys in the pool

i had to ask one of the other guests to take a couple of pics to show Sir that i was at the party... that was very embarrassing to do

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 29

Yesterday was not a good day... i did not please my KH... for that i am sorry...  i made my concerns about ging to a pool party more important then pleasing him and keeping the agreement that i made with Him to stay locked until New Years Day... 

i AM SORRY SIR... i will do my best to please You... i will take pics at the party to show You that i did attend... and was locked.